State of the Arts Opportunity Grants

The Arts and Cultural Alliance of Sarasota County has established this grant program to provide assistance to Sarasota County not-for-profit organizations for artistic projects. The funding for this grant is from the sale of the Florida Arts License Plates in Sarasota County and other funds. This Arts Opportunity Grant is intended for organizations that do not qualify for the Tourist Development Cultural/Arts Grant.

The Arts Opportunity Grant program is designed to assist not-for-profit cultural/arts organizations in Sarasota County through monetary awards. The program provides support for the organization’s projects that demonstrate artistic merit, community involvement and administrative competence.

Eligibility Requirements

1. An applicant organization is not eligible for Opportunity Grant Funds in the same year that it receives Tourist Development Funds.
2. The primary mission of applicant organizations must be cultural/artistic presenters, exhibitions, or arts education.
3. The applicant must be based in Sarasota County and have a 501(c) (3) IRS designation.
4. Project must be less than 12 months in duration and take place between October 1, 2016, and September 30, 2017.
5. An organization is restricted to one application with one project per year.
6. Organizational support groups and guilds may not apply on their own behalf.
7. A grant request is limited to 50% of the project expense budget.
8. Allowable reimbursable expense categories: • Artists’ salaries and fees • Production or exhibition expenses • Marketing • Office equipment, computers, software, and other capital items that increase organizational capacity
9. Non-Allowable expense categories: • Fellowships/scholarships • Touring of exhibitions or performances outside of Sarasota County • Reduction of existing deficits • Payroll taxes, pension, or fringe benefits • New construction and/or renovation • Entertainment expenses • Travel not related to the project • Fundraising • Occupancy expenses, including utilities and telephone • In-kind, non-cash items should not be included in the budget
Deadline: Sept. 2, 2016