Tech Tips


Is there a file size limit?

Yes. The system will not accept files larger than 2 MB.

My file won't upload.
If your file is less than 2 MB and still won't upload, make sure that your file is a PDF, a doc or an xls file. The system will not accept docx and xlsx files.

If I have a website that shows work samples (images, audio files, video clips, etc.) can I link to my site?
Yes! As a matter of fact, it is easier to link to a website than to create work samples within this application system or than it is to prepare a CD/DVD that is sent by mail to the Arts and Cultural Alliance.

If I upload a low res version of my work, will the panelists score me lower because the images are not as good as they are in the printed form?
No one will be penalized for uploading low res quality, supporting materials. As a matter of fact, if the panelists are viewing the images on a computer screen, they will not see the difference.

What happens if I have trouble uploading my application on the last day that it's due?
This cannot be stressed enough -- apply early. That will avoid last minute problems. However, if you do run into difficulties, your application can be monitored from an administrative "back-end." Any applicant who has completed the process by the deadline, but has trouble with the submission, will need to document the problem in advance of the deadline. To document, contact the Arts and Cultural Alliance tech support person (listed under Alliance Tech Support button) to state your problem.