Tech Tips

Remember to save each page before advancing to the next.
Compose Offline.
Write your narrative and then copy and paste into the e-Application. That protects your text in case of a computer malfunction.
Is there a file size limit?
Yes. The system will not accept files larger than 2 MB.

My file won't upload.
If your file is less than 2 MB and still won't upload, make sure that your file is a PDF, a docx or an xlsx file. 

What happens if I have trouble with the e-Application?
Contact Fern Tavalin (

What happens if I have trouble uploading my application on the last day that it's due?
This cannot be stressed enough -- apply early. That will avoid last minute problems. However, if you do run into difficulties, your application can be monitored from an administrative "back-end." Any applicant who has completed the process by the deadline, but has trouble with the submission, will need to document the problem in advance of the deadline.